Basketball Movies Based On True Stories

Every basketball fan has seen to movie “Hoosiers,” right?

It’s the movie about the high school team from Hickory, Indiana who shocked the world by reaching the State Championship after their best player quit, the coach was nearly fired in the middle of the season and the manager hit two free throws to win a game.

It’s arguably the best basketball movie ever, but the story is also quite dolled up. The year before, Milan (not Hickory) had reached the state semi-finals. The best player never quit, the coach wasn’t nearly fired, and the manager never played a minute.

Enter the 2010-11 Perham Yellowjackets.

In the 80+ year history of playing high school basketball, the team had never been to the state tournament. In fact, there was a nearly 50 year stretch in which they never won a single postseason game.

The expectations were high for this year’s team, though. For the first time in school history, they entered the season among the top 10 ranked teams in the state. After starting the season a perfect 12-0, the team destined for greatness suffered a major setback when they nearly lost the leading scorer on the team for good.

“For Three” is the actual story, as told by the players and coaches, of the season too unbelievable to be true. Except for the fact that it is.

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