2015 Denver Broncos Unfinished Business (Tribute)

Tribute#1- Back in 2012 the NFL and broncos country were uncertain what they were going to get from Peyton Manning. That uncertainty quickly went out the window as we started to see the Peyton Manning of old. In his first year in denver Peyton help lead the broncos clinch the #1 overall seed in the AFC and passed for 4,659 yards and 37 TDs.Fast-forward to year 2 in which PFM had the greatest season (QB-wise) in NFL History. Peyton’s rocket arm helped denver reach it’s first super bowl berth since 98.But that all came crashing down when denver was STOMPED by Seattle’s LEGION OF BOOM! Realizing that the defense needed some attitude, Elway went and spend money on 3 talented defenders and one “tough” receiver. However even with a top 5 defense denver came up short of its goal of winning a super bowl. With that Elway and John Fox mutually parted ways. Finally in 2015 with new head coah Gary Kubaik, the broncos are trying to turn back the clock and have reintroduce the “Zone Blocking Scheme”. With this scheme and wade phillips & bill kollar runining the defense, denver should be one of the leaque’s elite teams.SB32(Elway’s first super bowl victory)- 18 years later SB50(Peyton gets his first with the broncos) #GoBroncos
Song- An End Once And For All
Ablum- Mass Effect 3
Artist- Talyor Davis;Lara de Wit
2015 Denver Broncos Unfinished Business (Tribute)

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