Denver Broncos Hire Vance Joseph as Head Coach


John Elway and the Denver Broncos have officially hired Vance Joseph to be the teams next head coach. Vance was most recently the Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator, and landed the job on January 11th 2017. The Broncos have scheduled two interviews for offensive coordinator Thursday. Those will be held with San Diego Chargers former head coach Mike McCoy and Raiders former offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. One of those me will be tasked with fixing the Broncos offense.

Now that we know Dave Toub and Kyle Shanahan will not be the head coaches the Broncos can move quickly to fill all their coaching vacancies and begin to shape the team for the 2017 NFL season. Shanahan and Toub could not be officially hired until either the Atlanta Falcons or Kansas City Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs. Vance Joseph’s early exit from the playoffs may have helped him get the job.

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Let’s start with the bad news. Wade Phillips is almost certainly gone. It looks like he may end up in Los Angeles if the Rams hire Washington’s offensive coordinator Sean McVay as their head coach. That could change. The good news is Wade would be in the NFC, and not tearing our hearts out in Oakland/Las Vegas. Joe Woods is likely to become the Defensive Coordinator, which is a good move, and the OC is up in the air. Wait, Vic Lombardi has breaking news on who the OC will be. Vic You’re live. (clip)

You heard it here first. Doug Moe to be the Broncos new offensive coordinator. Per source. How will anyone in the NFL stop an NBA run and Gun offense?
Denver Broncos Hire Vance Joseph as Head Coach

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