10 Things NOT To Do in San Francisco!

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Today we check out some don’t do’s of San Fran, based on www.sftravel.com’s article.

Don’t pack a tropical wardrobe; the mercury hovers around 60 degrees even in summer.

Don’t park on a hill or even a slope without cramping your wheels to the curb, setting the hand brake and putting the car in parking gear. It’s the law.

Don’t stand directly behind a cable car gripman; you’ll get the wind knocked out of you when he jerks back on the brake lever.

Don’t send for an ambulance if you hear a chorus of moans, groans, grunts and wails, it’s the foghorns.

Don’t carry a milk pail to Cow Hollow; the old dairy district west of Van Ness Avenue has become a popular shopping sector.

Don’t call cable cars trolleys; they’re powered by the moving steel cable you hear humming in the slot beneath your feet.

Don’t plan to go swimming in San Francisco Bay unless you’re a member in good standing of the Polar Bear Club.

Don’t board a public conveyance without exact fare; the drivers don’t make change.

Don’t be caught without an umbrella; the coastal mists are capricious.

Don’t color the bridge over the Golden Gate gold; it’s International Orange.

It’s ’”the city by the bay” not “the city on the bay”
Above all, don’t call it “Frisco” or “San Fran.”
10 Things NOT To Do in San Francisco!

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