2017 San Francisco 49ers 53 Man Roster

My thoughts on how the 53 man roster was set. Let me know who you think should of stayed or if a player still on the team should be cut.

QB: Hoyer, Beathard
RB: Hyde, Breida, Mostert, Juszczyk
WR: Garcon, Goodwin, Robinson, Taylor, Bolden, Bourne
TE: Kittle, Paulsen, Celek
OL: Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Fusco, Brown, Theus, Gilliam, Tomlinson, Magnuson
DL: Armstead, Buckner, Mitchell, Carradine, Dumervil, Thomas, DJ Jones, Lynch, Cooper
LB: Bowman, Foster, Harold, Armstrong, Coyle, Watson, Taumoepenu
CB: Robinson, Johnson, Williams, Witherspoon, Reaser
S: Reid, Tartt, Ward, Jerome, Colbert
ST: Gould, Pinion, Nelson
2017 San Francisco 49ers 53 Man Roster

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