49ers Anthem – Jemezzy Ba’be ft. The Brain

Download the 49ers anthem – 49er Flag High by Jemezzy Ba’be ft. The Brain available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/49er-flag-high-feat.-brain/id913817102 and all major mp3 stores. Here is the official music video to the amazing 49ers anthem song. This is the same 49ers rap that has been getting praise by all 49er fans across the world. Since they were youngsters, Jemezzy Ba’be and Huseyin The Brain have been die-hard fans of the Forty Niners and wanted to show love to all the other Niner fans and the 49ers organization with this one. Both Jemezzy and The Brain feel very passionate about the song and the 49ers team. Hope you feel the same way about this one. Please support by liking the video and sharing the link with the rest of the Niner Gang.

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49ers Anthem – Jemezzy Ba’be ft. The Brain

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