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The long-awaited apartment tour video is finally here! Please THUMBS UP if you like my apartment! Take a peek at my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, vanity, even my closet, and get some inspiration for choosing lighting for your space! If you want some home lighting ideas for your apartment, be sure to check out and their printable featuring me!

Also, I’ll be participating in a Facebook chat with ENERGY STAR on Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. Eastern, so be sure to follow them on Facebook ( if you want to chat with me about this project, use the hashtag #ENERGYSTARDIY

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Thanks for watching! See you on my vlog channel or next video!
I want to sincerely thank Energy Star for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel. This is a huge for me because not only did I learn about lighting, I learned so much about saving energy to help protect the world we share. Thank you for YOUR support, because without you guys, I could only dream to come across these opportunities! I hope this video inspires you to make your space more comfortable and also become more conscious about energy usage.
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My New San Francisco Apartment Tour | ilikeweylie

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