The 4 to 9ers — Day One

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Mark starts his new after-school gig working at Subway, along with his swarthy sidekick Seth, only to find himself falling for a girl, Beth, who is already kind of dating somebody. They all work after school, at the local mall, and seem to attract drama.

An original web series about the pains and passions of high schoolers who work after the bell rings, and the parents who annoy them between shifts.

Partnering up with one of the more bizarre “wingmen” ever in Seth, Mark pursues Beth, who works at the cellular phone kiosk down-mall. But his interest is not without some healthy competition in the form of hunky karate instructor, Jake, who has a head start on wooing Beth — and, under the “Guy Code,” Mark should back off. (SPOILER ALERT: He won’t.) Work politics, evil security guards, zany dreams and nightmares — and mainly, a bunch of laughs.

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The 4 to 9ers — Day One

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